Songwriting Contest Winners

2013 - Mike Murray - Cicero’s Hands
2012 - Jeff Knoch - Crossroads
2011 - Tracy Spring - The Weaver’s Loom
2010 - Tracy Spring - Long Time Gone
2009 - Mike Murray - Grandpa Held the Snakes
2008 - Karena Prater - Arlea’s Lament
2007 - Chris Roe - The Gates of Troy
2006 - Wes Weddell - Carry On
2005 - Art Hanlon - Last Sunday
2004 - Joe Jencks - On Belay
2003 - Joe Jencks - Rise as One
2002 - Larry Murante - It Just Looks that Way
2001 - Goovesmith Collective - Power Puzzle
2000 - Bill Davie - Lone Ranger on the Moon
1999 - Six Legged Frog - To the Other Side
1998 - Larry Murante - By the Water’s Edge
1997 - Six Legged Frog - Ride the Tumbleweed

Headline Performers

Tania Opland & Mike Freeman
Dan Weber
The Righteous Mothers
Juniper Bush Huggers,
with Dan Clark calling
Lindsay Street
Jim Page
Back Porch Swing
House Blend,
with Dan Clark calling
Molly & Tenbrooks
Sky in the Road
Shanghaied on the Willamette
Brad Keeler
The Meteors
Tracy Spring
The Misty Mamas
Larry Murante
Watch the Sky!
Elizabeth and Sandy LaPrelle
Shanghaied on the Willamette
Dan Maher
Hot Heads of Gypsy Jazz
Uncle Bonsai
Michael Carlos Band
Sweet Potatoes,
with Sherry Nevins calling
Budd Bay Buccaneers
Keeler, Melvin & Morse
Cat Loves Crow
Creeping Time
Out of the Wood,
with Roy Curet calling
The Great Sänger & Didele
Reggie Garrett & Gary Westcott
Heidi Muller & Bob Webb
Django’s Cadillac
Crooked Kilt,
with Gordy Euler calling
Sesitshaya Marimba Ensemble
P.K. Dwyer
Badger Mountain Dry Band
Skweez the Weezle,
with Comerford Irish Dancers
The Rhythm Bandits,
with Larry B. Smith calling
Humphrey, Hartman and Cameron
Hawkeye Herman
The Cutters Family Band
Creeping Time
Out of the Wood,
with Joseph Erhard-Hudson calling
Django’s Cadillac
The Makadames
Reilly and Maloney
Red-haired Stepchild
The Kitsap Konnection,
with Dan Clark calling
Emerald City Jug Band
The Winstons
William Pint & Felicia Dale
The Righteous Mothers
Phil & Vivian Williams,
with Dan Clark calling
Watercarver’s Guild
Electric Bonsai Band
Kate MacLeod
The Rounders
Mill Creek String Band,
with Marte Fallshore calling
Shanghaied on the Willamette
Michael Johnathon
Cat Loves Crow
Arvid Lundin with Dave & Megan Beach,
with Penn Fixx calling
Christel, Spring & Carper
Growling Old Men
Hawkeye Herman
Chuck Pyle
House Blend,
with Dan Clark calling
Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally
The Cutters
David Roth
The Sparkling Tonics
Full Moon,
with Ben Albrand calling
The Cascade Trio
Hawkeye Herman
Heidi Muller
The Smelter Rats
Phil & Vivian Williams,
with Kappie Kappenman calling